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Christos Simis, M.A.

Research assistant/PhD student


Office hours:
donnerstags, zwischen 10:00 Uhr und 11:00 Uhr | Raum M210 | MKE

Christos is primarily interested in applied ethics, global justice and cosmopolitanism as well as transformative education and global citizenship education.

For his dissertation, Christos is exploring new critical perspectives in the cosmopolitan debate to derive a culturally, epistemically and anthropologically sensitive notion of global citizenship as a normative basis for educational concepts, especially in the context of Global Citizenship Education.

Currently, Christos is also participating in the project “Tackling the Root Causes of Global Crises through Education - a Transformative Learning Journey 2018-2019” facilitated by “Bridge 47” - a European network of civil society organisations - aiming to build global citizenship in reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).