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Marco Solinas, PD Dr.

Affiliated researcher (2018/19)


Office hours:
on appointment

Marco Solinas holds the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of Political Philosophy (since 2013);He is currently working as postdoctoral fellow in political philosophy at Scuola Superiore Universitaria Sant’Anna in Pisa, focusing in particularly the tradition of critical theory and on the role political emotions in the national and global context.

His current research project includes a cooperation with scholars at MKE. Solinas studied and researched in Florence, Nottingham, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, and Paris; He published in important international reviews including Philosophisches Jahrbuch, Revue Philosophique de Louvain, La società degli individui, Teoria politica, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung.

Website: PD Dr. Marco Solinas


  • Via Platonica zum Unbewussten. Platon und Freud (Wien-Berlin: Turia und Kant 2012).
  • From Aristotle’s Teleology to Darwin’s Genealogy. The Stamp of Inutility (London-New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2015).