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Alexander Schulan, PhD (economics), M.A. phil.

PhD student at the MKEP


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Alex is a PhD student at the Munich Center for Ethics and also associated with the Münchner Kolleg für Ethik in der Praxis (MKEP). In his dissertation on Climate Ethics, he is focussing on the question whether current paradigms of ethics are appropriate for the challenges of anthropogenic climate change. Alex researches on an ethically justified consideration of spatial and temporal distant harm in the form of discounting due to uncertainty.

He earned his M.A. in Philosophy at LMU, specialising in Mathematical Philosophy and Ethics. Under the supervision of Jan Heilinger at Munich Center for Ethics, Alex wrote his master thesis on an ethical analysis of the Precautionary Principle.

Before, Alex earned a PhD in Economics with an empirical analysis of the feedback effects between the real economy and financial markets. He worked several years with asset managers and passed all three examinations of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.


  • Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse in der Kriminalprävention. Mit H. Entorf (2018). In: Evidenzorientierte Kriminalprävention in Deutschland. Ein Leitfaden für Politik und Praxis. Herausgeber: M. Walsh, B. Pniewski, M. Kober und A. Armborst, Springer VS. S. 369-382.