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Selina Schröttle

Business Ethics


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E-Mail: selina [ punkt ] schroettle [ at-zeichen ] lmu [ punkt ] de

Selina Schröttle is a research assistant at the LMU and works as part of the Munich School for Ethics in Practice on her dissertation in the field of business ethics supervised by Prof. Dr. Lisa Herzog (TUM). After a Bachelor in Philosophy at LMU, she did a Master in Philosophy, Politics, Economics at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Research Interests

• Theory of Democracy
• Political Economy
• Distributive Justice

Dissertation Project

Company Participation - Business Ethics between Autonomy and Economic Constraint

Since the concept of work has changed enormously in the past decades, it is essential to find new standards and approaches that capture the changed conditions with which both employees and companies are confronted. In addition to democratic issues, the focus of research lays also on issues of autonomy and political economy. Central to the consideration is the philosophical debate about workplace democracy or republicanism.

Ethics in Practice

In cooperation with the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), philosophical approaches are to be checked practically, as processes of trade union work are philosophically questioned and improved. This happens with the aim of developing new, groundbreaking approaches that contribute to a more equal and fairer democratic society in the context of a globalized world.