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EthikForum: Human Rights and Cosmopolitanism


This year's EthikForum is dedicated to the current status and meaning of universal human rights and cosmopolitan ideals. In recent time, populism and neo-nationalism increasingly threatens and questions those ideals and fundamental rights. This is why it is of special urgence today to reason (again and) further about their philosophical and social importance, so to make apparent the practical relevance of those two concepts for a juster, and hence better world.

This is the aim of the following three evening lectures at the MCE in the summer term 2019.


Date Title Lecturer


Der Grund der Menschenrechte.
Eine Kantische Perspektive

Rainer Forst

(Goethe University, Frankfurt)


A Transnational Feminist Ethic

Serene Khader

(Brooklyn College/CUNY, New York City, USA)


In What Way, if Any, Should Justice Be Practice-Dependent? A Constructivist Account

Miriam Ronzoni

(University of Manchester, UK)