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The MCE is a multi faculty research institution of Ludwig-Maximilans-University Munich. At MCE it is our goal to address important ethical topics of both science and society, and to emphasize those in research projects, teaching seminars and public lectures.

MCE’s own library consists of about 3000 books.

The MCE is supported by the Friends and Sponsors of the MCE, a not-for-profit society.

Spokesperson of the MCE is PD Dr. Jan-Christoph Heilinger, academic director is Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler.

  • Objectives

    Decke Lichthof

    Research, Education and Public Lectures about Contemporary Ethical Problems in Science and Society more

  • Library

    The Center's library comprises more than 3000 volumes about ethics, applied ethics, meta-ethics, the history of ethics and related research disciplines more more

  • Friends and Sponsors of the MCE

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    Join the Friends and Sponsors of the MCE and support our work! more