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DAAD Visiting Chair for Ethics in Practice

From summer term 2019 on, MKE will host for two years a Visiting Chair “Ethics in Practice”, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Internationally renowned researchers will join LMU for a period of up to six months to research and lecture in the field of ethics with a particular focus on attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice in ethics.

Ethics in Practice” deals with concrete social and individual challenges resulting from social change or technological advancements, urgently calling for moral analysis. Ethics in Practice is located at the intersection of normative-ethical, action-theoretical and social-philosophical theory insofar as these perspectives address concrete empirical issues. Furthermore, it considers meta-ethical questions about moral expertise and moral disagreement in pluralistic societies.

The chair aspires to advance internationalisation and innovative teaching in the field of ethics at LMU. Undergraduate as well as graduate students will enjoy excellent teaching empowering them to develop skills in ethical expertise of high practical relevance.

Visiting Professors of „DAAD Visiting Chair for Ethics in Practice“:

Term Professor University

Summer 2019

Alfred T. M. Archer

Tilburg University, Niederlande

Winter 2019/20

Vanessa Wills

George Washington University, USA

Summer 2020

Catriona Mackenzie

Macquarie University, Australien

Winter 2020/21

Carina Fourie

University of Washington, USA