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The Munich Centre for Ethics (MCE) is an interdisciplinary research institution at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. The aim of the MCE is to unveil important ethical questions in society as well as in the sciences, and to address them in research, teaching and public events.

The research library of the MCE includes around 4000 books. The MCE work is supported by the Freundeskreis/Circle of Friends of the MCE.

Spokesperson of the MCE is Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler, its academic director is PD Dr. Jan-Christoph Heilinger.


The Munich Centre for Ethics (MCE) highlights ethical topics and questions which equally concern the sciences, politics and the public.

The MKE promotes interfaculty, interdisciplinary and international cooperation in the field of ethical research; It provides a forum suitable for the exchange of critical thoughts and research outcomes.

In addition, the MCE offers it’s own program of events open to the public and coordinates ethics-related events and teaching within the LMU.